Top Engineering Videos –  GreatScott!

Top Engineering Videos – GreatScott!

GreatScott! is a Youtube Channel run by … Scott. It is all about electronics tutorials, projects and how to guides.

The channel kicked off back in October 2013 at a time when YouTube in Germany was much more focused on gaming and non-electronics channels.

Scott had been training on the job since 2011 in the electrical power industry in a ‘duales studium’ apprenticeship in Germany.

To share his love of electronics he started showing beginners the basics of electronic engineering – from brushless motors to how amps and volts compare.

Over the years he done massive amount of projects but is probably best known for his electric longboard that used a wii-numchuck controller!

Almost all the projects you can follow along with source components from eBay making getting started very accessible for even a complete novice.

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