Ingenuity’s Groundbreaking Mission Comes to a Close After Final Flight on Mars

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NASA's revolutionary Mars helicopter Ingenuity has made history yet again, achieving one final flight on January 18th before sustaining damage that ended its operations for the last time. Originally intended as a short-term tech demo, the 1.8 kg rotorcraft exceeded expectations by logging over 70 flights during...

NASA’s Interstellar Dust Catcher Set to Unlock Origins of Solar System

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Interstellar dust drifting through our galaxy holds profound secrets about our solar system's initial building blocks and evolution. To capture and analyze these microscopic messengers from deep space, NASA has developed a specialized dust detector for its upcoming Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) mission called the Interstellar...

NASA Advances Concept for Solar-Powered Fixed-Wing Aircraft to Explore Mars

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Mars has been a prime target for exploration missions over the past few decades to study the planet's atmosphere, surface, and potential for supporting life. A primary goal is to perform more widespread and comprehensive surveys of the Mars terrain, which poses challenges due to the planet's size...