JWST – Fully Focused

3 weeks ago — Long Read

NASA and the ESA have announced that the alignment of the James Webb Space Telescope is now complete. The Space Agencies have confirmed the telescope is now capable of capturing...

James Webb goes super-cold

1 month ago — Quick Read

James Webb Space telescope 'Mid-Infrared Instrument' (MIRI) has now reached its incredibly low operating temperature. The US space agency NASA confirmed that the instrument - assembled in the UK -...

Watch – Lighting Strikes Moon-bound mega rocket

2 months ago — Quick Read

Amazing footage has emerged of four lightning bolts hitting the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket which is being prepped for its upcoming Artemis I mission.

Engineering Futures – Solar Power Stations in Space?

2 months ago — Quick Read

A solar power station in space? Here’s how it would work – and the benefits it could bring The UK government is reportedly considering a £16 billion proposal to build a...

The International Space Station, The plans to destroy it and the dangers involved

3 months ago — Quick Read

Nasa has announced plans for the International Space Station (ISS) to be officially decommissioned in 2031. After dozens of launches since 1998 got the station up and into orbit, bringing...

Nasa begins process of focusing James Webb space telescope

4 months ago — Long Read

Nasa has kicked off its months-long process of focusing the James Webb space telescope. The revolutionary new scope is a an international collaboration led by NASA in partnership with the...