Top Engineering Videos – Jared Owen

Top Engineering Videos – Jared Owen

With tens of millions of views on multiple videos, Jared Owen has quickly become one of YouTube’s go-to channels for engaging and informative explanations of engineering concepts. Through 3D animations created in Blender, Jared clearly breaks down the inner workings of various vehicles, buildings, and space technology.

Having initially picked up 3D animation as a hobby before turning it into a full-time job, Jared leverages his computer science and software engineering background to create visually striking content. He specializes in topics related to objects, buildings, vehicles, and space exploration.

Some highlights of Jared’s YouTube channel include:

This viral video explains the internal mechanics of an M1A2 Abrams tank

Animation visually represents the scale of our solar system, with millions of views

With over 3.1M subscribers, his other videos cover topics like electric motors, escalators, the Space Shuttle, and more.
Highly viewed animation of the interior details of the Titanic ship

What makes Jared’s animations unique is his focus on teaching viewers exactly how complex machines and systems function on the inside. For engineers or anyone interested in visualizing technical concepts, his videos are an invaluable resource and stand out in terms of educational impact.

With long-term plans to continue creating animations for years to come, subscribe to Jared’s channel for future engineering content.

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