Engineering Basics – How do off-shore wind turbines work?

Long Read

Off-shore wind turbines are an important source of renewable energy, but how do they work? In this blog post, we'll dive into the mechanics of off-shore wind turbines and explore how they generate electricity. By understanding how these machines work, we can better appreciate their role in combating...

Finnish ‘Sand battery’ offers solution to green-energy limitations

Quick Read

A Finnish startup - Polar Night Energy - has revealed technology which can use renewable energy to make sand really hot, so the heat can be used in homes when it’s not sunny or windy. The new heat storage system is a 23-foot steel silo filled with over...

The future of UK Tidal energy

Deep Dive

Here’s why UK tides are soon going to play a much bigger part in powering your home Tidal energy has long lurked at the back of the UK’s renewable energy arsenal, outshone by its wind and solar counterparts due in part to early issues with technology readiness and high...