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Perovskite Solar Technology: Unlocking Abundance, Affordability, and Printability of Solar Cells

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Silicon solar cells are an established technology for the generation of electricity from the sun. But they take a lot of energy to produce, are rigid and can be fragile. However, a new class of solar cell is matching their performance. And what’s more, it can now be...

Five emerging trends that could change our lives online

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The way we live our lives online is rapidly changing. Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and innovations such as blockchain – a kind of digital record for transactions — are set to transform the online world, affecting everything from social media to how people and businesses make money...

Top Engineering Videos – The Signal Path

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The Signal Path video blog was created back in May of 2011 and has focused on producing the type of content which is either difficult to find or difficult to learn. This isn't necessarily for beginners but it is an invaluable resource Much of modern human communication...