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Meet the team who taught an AI to impersonate Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde

4 days ago — Deep Dive

We taught an AI to impersonate Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde – here’s what it revealed about sentience Nay, nay, I say! This cannot be, That machines should e'er surpass our art. We...

Five of the world’s tiniest robots

2 weeks ago — Deep Dive

Allow me to take you on a trip down my memory lane. As a young lad, a film I saw captured my imagination: Fantastic Voyage, a 1966 release about people...

iRonCub – Jetpacks and Terrifying Dolls face

7 months ago — Quick Read

Engineers from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) have created a jetpack-wearing humanoid robot.

Meet LEONARDO – a bipedal robot who can ride a skateboard and walk a tightrope

9 months ago — Quick Read

Engineers at Caltech have developed a bipedal walking robot that can fly, tightrope, and skateboard.

How the sound of the Olympics is created – 3,600 microphones and counting

10 months ago — Quick Read

The modern-era Olympics are among the largest sporting events in the world – but relatively few people actually get to watch the action live and in person. So the four-yearly...

How is artificial intelligence is helping us learn about the universe?

12 months ago — Deep Dive

Astronomy is all about data. The universe is getting bigger and so too is the amount of information we have about it. But some of the biggest challenges of the...