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VW reveal working prototype of autonomous robotic charging point

3 months ago — Quick Read

Volkswagen has revealed its' working prototype for a robot which can autonomously charge your electric cars.

How coronavirus made 2020 the year of the electric bike

3 months ago — Deep Dive

Walking and cycling gained a higher profile than ever in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. Governments around the world encouraged individuals to go on foot or take their...

Will AI ‘SantaNet’ end up destroying the world?

3 months ago — Quick Read

The ghost of Christmas yet to come: how an AI 'SantaNet' might end up destroying the world Within the next few decades, according to some experts, we may see the...

EV startup admits rolling its semi truck prototype down a hill because it couldn’t drive

7 months ago — Quick Read

Back in 2016, Telsa competitor Nikola Motors wowed the Engineering world when it unveiled the Nikola One.

‘Flying car’ gets off the ground

7 months ago — Long Read

SkyDrive, a Japanese flying car, has successfully completed a modest test flight with a person aboard.

New Hydrogen Powered Supercar can drive 1000 miles on a single tank

8 months ago — Long Read

Meet Hyperion XP-1 - a hydrogen-powered supercar which promises 1,000 miles on a single tank Hyperion - a US-based company - is betting on hydrogen-power for their new supercar. They...