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EV startup admits rolling its semi truck prototype down a hill because it couldn’t drive

2 months ago — Quick Read

Back in 2016, Telsa competitor Nikola Motors wowed the Engineering world when it unveiled the Nikola One.

‘Flying car’ gets off the ground

3 months ago — Long Read

SkyDrive, a Japanese flying car, has successfully completed a modest test flight with a person aboard.

New Hydrogen Powered Supercar can drive 1000 miles on a single tank

3 months ago — Long Read

Meet Hyperion XP-1 - a hydrogen-powered supercar which promises 1,000 miles on a single tank Hyperion - a US-based company - is betting on hydrogen-power for their new supercar. They...

Autonomous Cars – 5 reasons they still aren’t on our roads

4 months ago — Quick Read

While the technology to enable a car to complete a journey without human input (what the industry calls “level 5 autonomy”) might be advancing rapidly, producing a vehicle that can...

Tesla Unveils Prototype Ventilator

8 months ago — Quick Read

Tesla has unveiled its latest Prototype Ventilator which is made from Model 3 parts.

The Punishing Signal – Did Mumbai just solve the its honking problem?

10 months ago — Quick Read

Tired of "honkers" in traffic jams? India has come up with a solution. These traffic lights will stay red as long as the drivers keep honking. The constant barrage of...