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Tesla Unveils Prototype Ventilator

3 months ago — Quick Read

Tesla has unveiled its latest Prototype Ventilator which is made from Model 3 parts.

The Punishing Signal – Did Mumbai just solve the its honking problem?

5 months ago — Quick Read

Tired of "honkers" in traffic jams? India has come up with a solution. These traffic lights will stay red as long as the drivers keep honking. The constant barrage of...

Are self-driving cars safe?

6 months ago — Quick Read

Cars are changing – fast. But are innovations such as autonomous and flying cars a bright new dawn, or just a wild pipe dream? If autonomous cars become the future’s...

Latest stats show the internal combustion engine in terminal decline

8 months ago — Quick Read

New figures show that the internal combustion engine has now entered a period of terminal decline within the UK. The latest stats, from SMMT, show that 'alternatively fuelled' vehicles reached...

Letting Bloodhound Off The Leash – date set for Bloodhound High Speed Test programme

9 months ago — Long Read

The Bloodhound LSR team are now set to conduct their first full test run at Hakskeen Pan track in South Africa in Autumn 2019 The team behind the supersonic car...

New hyperloop passenger pod revealed

11 months ago — Long Read

The prototype for the first passenger capsule by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has been revealed. The capsule, designed to transport people at subsonic speeds, is now ready to be sent to...