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Yamaha and Toyota set sights on a hydrogen-fueled V8 engine

3 months ago — Quick Read

Toyota and Yamaha are joining up to work on the next hydrogen breakthrough - a V8 Engine. Hydrogen promises to be the clean fuel of the future but there has...

The Benefits of Using Sensors in Drones for Several Industries

5 months ago — Long Read

Sensors for drones are increasingly being used for surveying, mapping, and inspections in several industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, environmental management, and waste management. Combining sensors in drones is...

The Science of Christmas – Five ways reindeer are perfectly evolved for pulling Santa’s sleigh

5 months ago — Deep Dive

We all know that Father Christmas would struggle to deliver presents to everyone around the world without the help of his magical reindeer. But why were they chosen to pull...

7 Reasons – Why is global transport is so hard to decarbonise?

6 months ago — Deep Dive

Transport accounts for 21% of global carbon emissions. It is now the largest emitting sector in many developed countries. While Europe and North America dominate historic transport emissions, much of...

Engineering Anniversaries – Thrust SSC and the World Land Speed Record

7 months ago — Quick Read

Today, 15th October 2021, marks the 20th anniversary of the Thrust SSC team setting the World Land Speed Record of 763.035mph.

From a researcher – Ten ways to cut shipping’s contribution to climate change

9 months ago — Deep Dive

In the middle of this summer’s shocking fires and floods came the grimmest climate science report yet from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, warning of a “code red...