Yamaha and Toyota set sights on a hydrogen-fueled V8 engine

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Toyota and Yamaha are joining up to work on the next hydrogen breakthrough - a V8 Engine. Hydrogen promises to be the clean fuel of the future but there has been little development of the sector in the last few years. However, Toyota and Yamaha claim this is...

Engineering In Focus – A Career Guide to Automotive Engineering

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The automobile industry is known for being very competitive as manufacturers are always looking for ways to up their competition whether it be on features or pricing. Watch - Born to Engineer: Orla Murphy Why Would I Want To Do Anything Else? Growing up in rural Ireland,...

New Hydrogen Powered Supercar can drive 1000 miles on a single tank

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Meet Hyperion XP-1 - a hydrogen-powered supercar which promises 1,000 miles on a single tank Hyperion - a US-based company - is betting on hydrogen-power for their new supercar. They believe that the car is not only an engineering masterpiece but a watershed moment for how people will...