Engineering Breakthroughs

‘Flying car’ gets off the ground

3 weeks ago — Long Read

SkyDrive, a Japanese flying car, has successfully completed a modest test flight with a person aboard.

Recap – The Major quantum computational breakthrough that is shaking up physics and maths

4 weeks ago — Quick Read

Major quantum computational breakthrough is shaking up physics and maths MIP* = RE is not a typo. It is a groundbreaking discovery and the catchy title of a recent paper...

New Stonehenge discovery: how archaeologists found a prehistoric monument hidden in data

3 months ago — Deep Dive

The chances of finding another major archaeological monument near Stonehenge today are probably very small given the generations of work that has gone into studying the site. Stumbling across such...

Ground-Penetrating Radar Maps Entire Ancient Roman City

4 months ago — Long Read

In a world-first, archaeologists have teamed up with Engineers to use ground-penetrating radar to map an ENTIRE ancient city while it’s still beneath the ground. The team created an initial...

MIT Device Promises to Hack Your Dreams

5 months ago — Long Read

A team of MIT Scientists are creating a device to hack your dreams so you can experience everything from flying to singing.

CRISPR gene editing used inside a person’s body for first time

7 months ago — Long Read

A team of scientists have used CRISPR inside someone’s body for the first time opening a new frontier for efforts to change DNA to treat diseases. The team used the...