Engineering Breakthroughs

India’s Reusable Launch Vehicle ‘Pushpak’ Completes Crucial Landing Test, Paving the Way for Affordable Space Exploration

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This week, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully demonstrated the autonomous landing capability of its reusable launch vehicle, Pushpak. This marks a crucial step towards developing cost-effective and sustainable access to space, aligning with ISRO's vision of making space exploration more affordable. The Pushpak Mission The RLV...

Smartphone Magnetometers: Empowering Portable Diagnostics with Magnetized Hydrogels

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Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have devised a novel technique for measuring glucose levels and other biomarkers with surprising accuracy. The method harnesses the power of smartphone magnetometers and magnetised hydrogels. This discovery opens up new possibilities for portable diagnostics, which hopefully will...

WindRunner – Radia’s Colossal Cargo Plane Wants to Reshape Wind Energy Logistics

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Aviation startup Radia is developing the WindRunner—the world's largest cargo plane. The plane is designed to transport Radia's massive wind turbine components. This groundbreaking aircraft aims to overcome the logistical barriers that have hindered the deployment of next-generation turbines in optimal onshore locations. The Challenge of Transporting Giant...