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Celebrating the 2023 Clark Prize Winners: Engineering Education Champions

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As the outreach arm of the ERA Foundation, we at Born to Engineer are thrilled to highlight the accomplishments of two remarkable educators, Jenn McEwan and Isabel Culmer, recipients of the 2023 David Clark Prizes. They have been singled out for their outstanding commitment to inspiring young minds,...

Route Into Engineering – Minal Patel Career

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We featured Engineer Minal Patel in our Engineering Careers roundtable. Our roundtable featured a frank discussion from superstar engineers, Mimi-Isabella, Ebony and Minal where they discussed everything from working in McDonalds to diversity and money. We caught up with Minal to discuss her personal journey into Engineering....

Route Into Engineering – John Wheal

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We featured Systems Engineer John Wheal in one of our first Born to Engineer videos. John is a systems engineer with NATS, the UK's leading supplier of air traffic control services. He's part of a team designing and building the next generation of air traffic control systems....