Engineering Opportunities

Arkwright Scholar wins Aerospace Challenge.

2 months ago — Long Read

We were thrilled to hear about our ERA Arkright Scholar - Mridhula - winning last years Schools’ Aerospace Challenge. The ‘Born to Engineer’ campaign covers all outreach work by the...

Born to Engineer – Roundtable

4 months ago — Quick Read

Earlier this year Born to Engineer hosted an honest and entertaining conversation about careers in engineering with three brilliant Engineers. Across the table were Mimi-Isabella Nwosu, Ebony Allison and Minal...

Urine test for breast cancer and material which turns light into energy win 2020 Dyson Award

5 months ago — Quick Read

This years' Dyson Awards has been awarded to a urine test for breast cancer and a material, made from waste crops, that can convert UV light into renewable energy. The...

Interview – Mimi-Isabella On Her Advice To Her Young Self

5 months ago — Deep Dive

We featured Mimi-Isabella in our Born to Engineer Engineering Myths and Realities video - afterwards we sat down to talk to her in a bit more detail about her journey...

Arkwright celebrate 30 Years of Engineering Scholarships

5 months ago — Long Read

Arkwright is celebrating 30 years of identifying, inspiring and nurturing the future leaders of engineering, computing and technical design.

Engineering In Focus – A Career Guide to Automotive Engineering

5 months ago — Long Read

The automobile industry is known for being very competitive as manufacturers are always looking for ways to up their competition whether it be on features or pricing.