Engineering Opportunities

Engineering Podcasts – Soft Skills Engineering

1 month ago — Quick Read

It takes more than doing your job well to be a great engineer. This is a solid favourite at looking at all those skills you need to be a great...

Born to Engineer – New Resource Section Launched

1 month ago — Long Read

Today we have launched a brand new resource section for Born to Engineer. Born to Engineer initially launched in 2016 as a space to share our Born to Engineer series...

‘Repurposed Materials Challenge’ offers 20k Euro Prize

2 months ago — Quick Read

A new competition has been launched to find new applications for the waste originated in soda lime production. The online competition, organized by CIECH Group and Ennomotive, is open to...

How entrepreneurship offers a route out of industrial decline

2 months ago — Long Read

The recent collapse of British Steel highlights the vulnerability of towns like Scunthorpe in England’s north-east to industrial decline. With 4,500 jobs on the line, its dependence on a single...

Just 5 Days to Go On Our LEGO Rough Terrain Crane

2 months ago — Quick Read

Just 5 days(!) to go to the end of our latest LEGO Competition.

Engineering Podcasts – The Engineers Collective

2 months ago — Quick Read

A brand new podcast - The Engineers Collective - looks at how Engineering affects everyone's lives. From roads and railways we travel on, to the water we drink and the...