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Summer holiday science: three experiments to try with kids at home

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The school summer holidays are in full swing. If you’re a parent, you may be getting tired of hearing “I’m bored!” echoing through your home – especially on rainy days when everyone’s stuck inside. But pretty much every kitchen can double as a chemistry set. Here are some...

UK’s Engineering Sector Faces a 1 Million Shortfall: Addressing Perceptions and Bridging the Gap

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The engineering sector, a cornerstone of innovation and development, navigates a complex maze of challenges. As the demand for skilled professionals in this field continues to soar, the UK is staring at a potential shortfall of a staggering 1 million engineers by 2030, according to strategy firm Stonehaven....

Colbún and Ennomotive Lead the Charge for a Sustainable Future for Rural Schools

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Ennomotive and Colbún have joined forces in a groundbreaking initiative to launch the first-ever open innovation social challenge. This challenge will focus on water, energy, and thermal comfort and aims to address the pressing issues faced by two schools located in the rural regions of San Esteban and...