#Climate Change

Revolutionizing Climate Management: The UK-Singapore Space Collaboration

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A groundbreaking partnership has been announced between the UK and Singapore, leveraging the power of space technology. The new collaboration aims to harness the capabilities of satellite technology to address and manage the adverse effects of climate change. As both nations come together, they bring forth a combined...

Lhyfe and Centrica Partner for Offshore Renewable Green Hydrogen Production in the UK

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In an exciting and forward-thinking venture, Lhyfe, a French clean energy company, and Centrica, a leading British energy and services company, are set to pioneer offshore renewable green hydrogen production in the UK. The collaboration aims to transform the offshore wind energy industry and contribute significantly to the...

What to Watch Out on World Engineering Day 2023

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Today, March 4th, 2023, marks a significant day for the engineering community as we celebrate World Engineering Day. The day serves as a reminder of the critical role engineering plays in shaping our modern world, creating sustainable solutions for global challenges, and driving economic growth. As we face...