#Climate Change

The University of Queensland builds its own solar farm

2 weeks ago — Deep Dive

In a world first, Australian university builds own solar farm to offset 100% of its electricity use Limiting global warming to well below 2℃ this century requires carbon emissions to...

Global emissions from electrical systems down by 2%.

5 months ago — Quick Read

Carbon emissions from the worlds electricity systems have fallen by 2% over the last year. The drop is the biggest in almost 30 years and down to countries beginning to...

“My team uses crossbows and drones to collect bacteria from whales – and the results are teaching us how to keep whales healthy”

8 months ago — Deep Dive

As we drew closer to the massive humpback whale, I became painfully aware how small our inflatable motorboat actually was. I also realized I’d been unconsciously holding my breath and...

Scotland plants 22 million trees in response to the global climate emergency

1 year ago — Quick Read

Last year 22 million trees planted in Scotland to help meet 'global climate emergency'. Last year Scotland planted more trees than anywhere else in the United Kingdom - in fact,...

Six Good News Climate Change Stories you missed in 2018

2 years ago — Deep Dive

Climate change news can be incredibly depressing. In 2018 alone, The Conversation covered the loss of three trillion tonnes of ice in Antarctica; Brazil’s new president and why he will...

Ice Drones Embark on Antarctic Mission

3 years ago — Long Read

A flotilla of robot subs are on a mission to forecast sea level rise by mapping the unseen bottom of a melting ice shelf.