New experiment may solve the universe’s Dark energy mystery

5 months ago — Deep Dive

As an astronomer, there is no better feeling than achieving “first light” with a new instrument or telescope. It is the culmination of years of preparations and construction of new...

Are we about to figure out one of physics’ biggest mysteries – why there’s more matter than antimatter?

1 year ago — Quick Read

A new CERN Study sheds light on one of physics' biggest mysteries – why there's more matter than antimatter. Why do we exist? This is arguably the most profound question...

Physicists confirm 55-year-old theory using ultra-cold lithium atoms

2 years ago — Long Read

Atomic physicists from Rice University and the University of Geneva have verified a 55-year-old theory about one-dimensional electronics using ultra-cold lithium atoms. The team were looking at new models to...

‘Super Teacher’ Jamie Costello nabs top Engineering Prize

2 years ago — Quick Read

Sutton Grammar School Physics teacher Jamie Costello has nabbed a share of a £5k Engineering prize for his school after being awarded the prestigious ERAF’s David Clark Prize this Wednesday....

Breakthrough Junior Challenge – Explaining Relativity using a pick-up truck and Usain Bolt

2 years ago — Quick Read

Hillary Diane Andales won last years Breakthrough Junior Challenge for her must-watch video explaining the theory of relativity.

Meet the 1,300km-long underground science experiment to study the world’s most elusive particles

2 years ago — Quick Read

In an abandoned gold mine close to Deadwood, South Dakota, construction has started on what is arguably the world’s largest science experiment. I’m part of an international team of around...