A dystopian game from MIT is giving you control of a real person this Halloween

6 months ago — 1 min read

The creepiest event this Halloween could be a online social experiment hosted by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Disney create ‘Force Jacket’ for when you need a virtual hug

12 months ago — 1 min read

Disney might be best known for Star Wars but its R&D wing - Disney Research - has just unveiled first real-world mastery of the force - the "Force Jacket". The...

National Geographic reveal 3D, 360-degree video tour of the International Space Station

12 months ago — 0.5 min read

As a part of its a documentary series - "One Strange Rock" - the National Geographic Channel has created a 360-degree VR tour of the International Space Station National Geographic...

What do you get when you cross a drone with a HoloLens – XRay Vision.

1 year ago — 1.5 min read

A team of engineers from Austria want to change the way we interface with drones. The team from the Graz University of Technology have combined a drone with Microsoft's augmented...

Ground breaking lens opens new possibilities in virtual and augmented reality

1 year ago — 2 min read

Harvard Engineers have created a ground-breaking lens. This new single 'metalens' can focus all colours of the rainbow in one point opening up new possibilities for virtual and augmented reality...

NASA wants VR Headset Owners Follow in Curiosity’s Tracks on Mars

1 year ago — 0.5 min read

The growing demand for alternative VR experiences is propelling NASA to offer new and exciting ways to interact with its recent missions. Access Mars provides anyone with a VR or...