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Were You Born to Engineer?

Unleash Your Potential

Discover the exciting world of engineering through our “Were You Born to Engineer?” series.

Our videos showcase the diverse and rewarding opportunities available in the field of engineering. From sports to healthcare, these videos demonstrate that no matter what your passions are, there is a place for you in engineering.

Perfect for use in classrooms, master classes, residential courses, STEM clubs, or any other setting where the excitement and potential of engineering are discussed, these videos are a valuable resource for educators and students


Mimi-Isabella, Ebony and Minal

Mimi Isabella Nwosu

Engineering Myths

Richard Browning

A risk worth taking

Milly Hennayake

Simple solutions for a cleaner, better world

Orla Murphy

Why would I want to do anything else?

John Wheal

Systems Engineer

Ben Ryan

Engineer and Entrepreneur

Angelo Grubisic

Aeronautical Engineer and Extreme Sportsman

Steve Greenland

Avionics and Aerospace Systems Engineer

Lewis Wilde

Apprentice Engineer

Mathew Holloway

Innovation Design Engineer

Kim Cave-Ayland

Nuclear Fusion Engineer

Faye Banks

Electrical Transmission Engineer

Women in Engineering

Inspiring stories of female engineers

Nina Parsons

Student Engineer

Adrian Westaway

Design Engineer

Yusuf Muhammad

Engineer and Designer

Alice Martin

Aspiring Aeronautical Engineer

Sam Fraser

Sports Engineer

George Edwards

A-Level Engineer

Eleanor Stride

Biomedical Engineer

Andrew Robertson

Software Engineer