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engineering careers  Top Engineering Videos –  Colin Furze

Colin Furze is probably the UK biggest Youtube Engineering breakout star from Youtube.

The shed based inventor pumps out consistently fascinating and crazy contraptions each week. However, in recent months gained press-attention after his battle with his local council resulted in him winning retrospective planning permission for a tunnel between his house and shed.

Over the last few years he has broken out to various TV spots including appearing as a ‘Mystery Guest’ on Russell Howard’s Good News, an experts on the short-lived Sky1 series Gadget Geeks, along with the entertainer Tom Scott and Charles Yarnold, appearing on E4 show Virtually Famous, and been ‘number one’ several times on the Science Channel show Outrageous Acts of Science.

Furze worked as a plumber after school, and his plumbing and engineering experience has formed the backbone to many of his unconventional builds – including his hoverbike, jet-powered motorcycle made with pulsejet engines, and the world’s fastest mobility scooter, pram, and dodgem!

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