The Royal Influence: How the British Monarchy Shaped Engineering Throughout History

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What better excuse than the Coronation of Charles III to explore the rich history of the British monarchy and its entwined relationship with engineering advancements? The United Kingdom is known for its charming countryside and iconic landmarks and as the birthplace of some of the most groundbreaking inventions...

The Engineering behind how Scientists are steering lightning with lasers

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Lightning may look beautiful but every year it kills thousands of people, does huge amounts of damage to buildings and infrastructure, and causes power outages. The only protection we have is lightning rods, which were invented 300 years ago and only protect a small area. The cost of...

The Engineering of why British Railways can’t cope with the heatwaves?

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The UK’s rail service has been hit with widespread train delays and high levels of cancellations during the heatwave. The whole of the east coast line between Edinburgh and London was closed for hours on July 20 because of the heat. So why is the heatwave causing so...