Space Elevator Design Wins Prestigious Innovation Award, Envisioning Future of Space Travel

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Space elevators have long captured the imagination of scientists and science fiction writers alike for their potential to revolutionize space travel. Rather than using expensive, single-use rockets to escape Earth's gravity, space elevators would transport payloads and even human passengers using cables anchored to the ground and extending...

New Images – Construction of HS2’s Colne Valley Viaduct Reaches Halfway Point

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The largest single structure built for Phase One of the HS2 high-speed railway has passed a significant construction milestone. HS2 Ltd recently announced that work on the Colne Valley Viaduct, set to become Britain's longest rail bridge at 2.1 miles, has officially reached the halfway stage and released...

Hyperloop Technologies Shuts Down After Failing to Achieve Commercial Viability

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The concept of the hyperloop - ultra high-speed transportation via pods or capsules travelling in near-vacuum tubes - originated in 2013 with a white paper by Elon Musk. This sci-fi-esque idea quickly captured the public imagination and spurred several startups to attempt to turn the Hyperloop into reality....