Two years on what’s the verdict for the world’s first solar road?

2 months ago — Quick Read

Two years ago, the worlds first solar road opened outside a small village in Normandy. Two years down the road how has it faired? Sadly the 2,800 square meter test...

The Whaley Bridge dam collapse is a wake-up call

2 months ago — Long Read

Concrete infrastructure will not last forever without care

Engineering Podcasts – Engineering Heroes

7 months ago — Quick Read

Engineering Heroes (previously known as Beer with an Engineer) talks to engineers and to better understand who they are, what it is that they do, and why Engineering is so...

Infographic — What Are The 10 Longest Tunnels in the World?

10 months ago — Quick Read

Often overlooked, tunnels are modern day engineering marvels. While today the longest and most impressive tunnels are concentrated in parts of Europe and Asia (due to their mountainous topographies) there...

Hybrid fiberglass-concrete-steel technique produces harder, better, faster, stronger bridges

1 year ago — Quick Read

Civil engineering at the University of Queensland, Australia have developed a hybrid fibreglass-concrete-steel bridge technique which is three times stronger and three times lighter than existing methods.

Self-healing fungi concrete could provide sustainable solution

2 years ago — Long Read

Material Science Engineers from Binghamton University, USA, have been working on self-healing concrete that uses fungi as a healing agent.