UK’s Engineering Sector Faces a 1 Million Shortfall: Addressing Perceptions and Bridging the Gap

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The engineering sector, a cornerstone of innovation and development, navigates a complex maze of challenges. As the demand for skilled professionals in this field continues to soar, the UK is staring at a potential shortfall of a staggering 1 million engineers by 2030, according to strategy firm Stonehaven....

The new technology that is making cars easier for criminals to steal, or crash

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There is much talk in the automotive industry about the “internet of vehicles” (IoV). This describes a network of cars and other vehicles that could exchange data over the internet in an effort to make transportation more autonomous, safe and efficient. The IoV could help vehicles identify roadblocks,...

The Royal Influence: How the British Monarchy Shaped Engineering Throughout History

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What better excuse than the Coronation of Charles III to explore the rich history of the British monarchy and its entwined relationship with engineering advancements? The United Kingdom is known for its charming countryside and iconic landmarks and as the birthplace of some of the most groundbreaking inventions...