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Top Engineering Videos – Proto G Engineering

1 month ago — Quick Read

Proto G Engineering is a YouTube channel created by Electromechanical Engineer Anthony Garofalo that dives into the world of Rapid Prototyping, Engineering Projects, Science Experiments, and Microcontrollers.

Looking for a DIY project? Here’s how to modify a 3D printer to make food or ceramics

1 year ago — Deep Dive

Need a DIY project? Here’s how to modify a 3D printer to make food or ceramics – new research While the pandemic has restricted us from doing many activities we like,...

Model life-size human heart 3D-printed out of cardiac tissue-like material

2 years ago — Long Read

Imagine you are a doctor about to perform open-heart surgery on someone. Would it help if you could do a test-run before the operation with a perfect replica of their...

Meet the world first 3D-Printed Soft Mesh Robots

3 years ago — Quick Read

Engineers from North Carolina State University have created the tech that could one day to lead to robots that can contract, reshape and grab small objects.

New 3-D imaging technique reveals stunning images of the brain at work

3 years ago — Long Read

Engineers at MIT have revealed a stunning new 3-D imaging technique which reveals how neurons connect throughout the brain. The researchers released this image of the entire fruit fly brain....

Cosmetic company turns to 3D printing for the perfect face mask

3 years ago — Quick Read

Skincare giant Neutrogena is turning to 3D printing to solidify its position in the tech world for its latest skincare product. The cosmetic company announced at CES 2019 that it...