UK Government Commits £4.5 Billion to Support Strategic Manufacturing and Clean Energy

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The UK government has announced a major £4.5 billion investment package to support strategic manufacturing sectors and accelerate the transition to clean energy. The multi-billion pound investment fund will provide targeted funding for industries vital to Britain's economic growth, innovation leadership, and net zero goals. Over £2 billion has been earmarked for...

Navigating the Fallout: Unpacking the Industry’s Response to the HS2 Cancellation

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The abrupt cancellation of the HS2's northern leg has sent shockwaves through the engineering and construction sectors, eliciting a chorus of disappointment and concern from industry leaders. The decision, announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has been met with widespread criticism, highlighting the potential long-term impacts on the...

Dyson Foundation pledges £6m investment for Malmesbury Primary School STEAM center

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James Dyson Foundation has pledged £6m to Malmesbury Primary School in Wiltshire to fund a new educational centre for teaching STEAM on the condition that plans are approved and pupil numbers expanded. The Foundation has pledged a £6m investment to Malmesbury Primary School in Wiltshire to fund a...