Infographic: Digital Imaging Sensor Technology

1 month ago — 0 min read

This year three innovations across three decades nabbed the Queen Elizabeth Prize

Infographic — What does a structural engineer do?

1 month ago — 0 min read

Think of a structure as the human body: each body part should be healthy for it to be able to function as a whole. A structural engineer focuses on the...

Infographic — How Engineering Is Providing Solutions for Clean Water

2 months ago — 4.5 min read

According to 2016 research by the Water Research Foundation, the average household uses over 300 gallons of water every day, with indoor water usage accounting for about 70 percent of...

Infographic — National Skyscraper Day – Engineering Skyscrapers!

3 months ago — 4 min read

National Skyscraper Day is coming up on September 3rd. Skyscraper construction and design have remained largely unchanged over the last century, several aspects of construction are due for radical changes...

Infographic — Environmental Engineering Solutions to Tourism on Coastlines

4 months ago — 4 min read

Advances in transportation technology over the past ten years or so have transformed tourism into a huge industry. Local economies rely heavily on tourism and in some cases, the negative...

Infographic — What Are The Most Efficient Form of Renewable Energy

4 months ago — 4 min read

Today marks the second annual Professional Engineers Day in the USA; to celebrate we take a look at how Engineering is driving the renewable energy sectors rapid growth. The strength...