Engineering Chemicals

Is this the first ever living, programmable organism?

1 year ago — Quick Read

Not bot, not beast: scientists create first ever living, programmable organism A remarkable combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and biology has produced the world’s first “living robots”. This week, a...

Nobel Prize In Chemistry – Scientists who created a rechargeable world awarded Nobel Prize

2 years ago — Long Read

Three pioneers of the lithium-ion battery revolution - John B Goodenough, M Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino - have been made Nobel laureates for developments that sparked a portable tech...

Could a mix of wood fibre and spider silk rival plastic?

2 years ago — Quick Read

A new though, flexible, and biodegradable material, made with wood glucose and spider silk, could be the next breakthrough in material science. Developed by scientists from Aalto University and the...

New tech harnesses energy by mixing freshwater and seawater

2 years ago — Long Read

Engineers at Stanford have created a new battery made from affordable and durable materials which can generate energy in places where salt and fresh waters mingle. The new tech could...

AI to help arthritis patients manage their flare-ups

2 years ago — Long Read

A partnership between UK health company Living With, the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust (RUH), and the University of Bath has nabbed a major grant to develop a...

New CRISPR Technique Repairs Genetic Mutations in Human Embryos

3 years ago — Long Read

Researchers have revealed a new CRISPR technique which might prevent humans from passing on a potentially life-threatening genetic disorder.