Have Chinese Scientists Discovered A Cheap New Way to Do Nuclear Fusion?

2 months ago — Quick Read

A team working on nuclear fusion in China claim to have discovered a more cost-effective method that relies on weaker laser beams.

Quadroins – meet the artificial birds being used to study the Ocean

5 months ago — Long Read

Meet the prototype of the robot penguin, named Quadroin, is being used to study the Ocean

Are we at the threshold of Nuclear Fusion Ignition?

5 months ago — Quick Read

A team of engineers working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California believe they are officially at the "Threshold of Nuclear Fusion Ignition" after passing a major milestone....

The Future of Architecture Is in Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

8 months ago — Quick Read

Only 10 years ago, taking a virtual tour of a building only happened in science-fiction movies. But with the rise of technology, that is now not only possible but becoming...

A new recipe for sustainable fish and animal feed – Maggots and rotting food waste!

2 years ago — Long Read

In a warehouse to the northeast of Cambridge are shelves upon shelves of trays teeming with maggots, munching their way through a meal of rotting fruit and vegetables.

Google enters race for nuclear fusion technology

5 years ago — Quick Read

Google has partnered with a top nuclear fusion company to create a new computer algorithm to speed up nuclear fusion experiments.