Nuclear fusion: how scientists can turn latest breakthrough into a new clean power source

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Researchers in the US have finally fulfilled an objective that was set decades ago: the achievement of “ignition” – getting more energy out than you put in – using nuclear fusion. The scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility (NIF), where the experiment took place,...

Nuclear fusion may still be decades away, but the latest breakthrough could speed up its development

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Nuclear fusion holds huge promise as a source of clean, abundant energy that could power the world. Now, fusion researchers at a national laboratory in the US have achieved something physicists have been working towards for decades, a process known as “ignition”. This step involves getting more energy...

Breakthrough in nuclear fusion energy announced

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We may be a step closer to realizing fusion power, which could provide an almost limitless source of energy. Researchers have announced a new breakthrough in nuclear fusion, which could lead to the development of cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. . Watch our Born to Engineer film...