Top Engineering Videos – Smarter Everyday

Top Engineering Videos – Smarter Everyday

We are kicking off our new list of top STEM video content with probably the biggest STEM channel out there – Smarter Everyday

Smarter Everyday is run by American engineer and science communicator Destin Sandlin. Destin has a solid Engineering background – with a BS in mechanical engineering and an MS in aerospace engineering.

Destin first started posting educational videos back 2007 and his first video reached one million views on July 10, 2009 but it wasn’t until he launched Smarter Every Day in April 2011 that he reached STEM star-status.

Smarter Everyday often features Destin main interests in flight and space, but topics have included everything from the effects of hypoxia on the human brain, the Prince Rupert’s drop, the physics of potato guns, the usefulness of snatch blocks.

Sandlin also runs the YouTube channels The Sound Traveler, Smarter Every Day 2, and a podcast called No Dumb Questions with his friend Matt Whitman

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