Quantum Supremacy – What is it? What does it really mean?

1 year ago — Quick Read

Google and IBM are at odds over 'quantum supremacy' – an expert explains what it really means Google claims to have demonstrated something called “quantum supremacy”, in a paper published...

Google AI can spot lung cancer a year before doctors

2 years ago — Quick Read

While Googles latest phones caught the headlines at this week's Googles i/o keynote - the internet giant also revealed its latest - potentially life-saving - advancements in AI tech. Google...

An ‘Alphabet’ company has created an AI which can predict wind output up to 36 hours in advance

2 years ago — Quick Read

When dealing with renewable tech intermittent power supply is a problem for the national grid. Being able to predict the factors that affect renewable energy - like the wind -...

Google receives a license to deploy its Project Loon balloons over Puerto Rico and parts of the Virgin Islands.

4 years ago — Quick Read

Google’s internet-beaming balloons are heading to Puerto Rico to provide high-speed mobile coverage after disasters

Google enters race for nuclear fusion technology

4 years ago — Quick Read

Google has partnered with a top nuclear fusion company to create a new computer algorithm to speed up nuclear fusion experiments.

Explore – Women in Computing: a British Perspective

4 years ago — Quick Read

The National Museum of Computing and Google have worked together to chart the history of women's involvement in computer science. The project covers the time from Ada Lovelace (generally recognised...