Have Chinese Scientists Discovered A Cheap New Way to Do Nuclear Fusion?

1 week ago — Quick Read

A team working on nuclear fusion in China claim to have discovered a more cost-effective method that relies on weaker laser beams.

Are we at the threshold of Nuclear Fusion Ignition?

3 months ago — Quick Read

A team of engineers working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California believe they are officially at the "Threshold of Nuclear Fusion Ignition" after passing a major milestone....

Quantum Supremacy – What is it? What does it really mean?

2 years ago — Quick Read

Google and IBM are at odds over 'quantum supremacy' – an expert explains what it really means Google claims to have demonstrated something called “quantum supremacy”, in a paper published...

Google AI can spot lung cancer a year before doctors

3 years ago — Quick Read

While Googles latest phones caught the headlines at this week's Googles i/o keynote - the internet giant also revealed its latest - potentially life-saving - advancements in AI tech. Google...

An ‘Alphabet’ company has created an AI which can predict wind output up to 36 hours in advance

3 years ago — Quick Read

When dealing with renewable tech intermittent power supply is a problem for the national grid. Being able to predict the factors that affect renewable energy - like the wind -...

Google receives a license to deploy its Project Loon balloons over Puerto Rico and parts of the Virgin Islands.

4 years ago — Quick Read

Google’s internet-beaming balloons are heading to Puerto Rico to provide high-speed mobile coverage after disasters