Google receives a license to deploy its Project Loon balloons over Puerto Rico and parts of the Virgin Islands.

1 year ago — 1 min read

Google’s internet-beaming balloons are heading to Puerto Rico to provide high-speed mobile coverage after disasters

Google enters race for nuclear fusion technology

2 years ago — 1 min read

Google has partnered with a top nuclear fusion company to create a new computer algorithm to speed up nuclear fusion experiments.

Explore – Women in Computing: a British Perspective

2 years ago — 0.5 min read

The National Museum of Computing and Google have worked together to chart the history of women's involvement in computer science. The project covers the time from Ada Lovelace (generally recognised...

Google’s Autodraw AI — Convert your awful doodles to clip art

2 years ago — 0.5 min read

Google is showing off its latest innovation from Google's AI Experiments program - Autodraw. This new system builds off a machine-learning tool previously developed called Quickdraw. This used a neural...

Google AI beats world Go champion

3 years ago — 0 min read

Google’s AlphaGo artificial intelligence program has defeated the world champion of Go, a complex Chinese board game. The program, developed by Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence company, won the historic match...