Tim Peake Returns: UK’s Historic Collaboration with Axiom Space for Groundbreaking Space Mission

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The UK Space Agency (UKSA) has announced a significant agreement with Axiom Space, a leading aerospace firm based in Texas. This collaboration is aimed at an all-British astronaut space mission. Adding to the anticipation, Tim Peake, the first British European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut to visit the International...

Unlocking Asteroid Secrets: ESA’s Hera Mission and the Revolutionary Mini-Radar Cubsat

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Asteroids, remnants from the early solar system, have always been subjects of intrigue and mystery. Not only do they hold clues about the origins of our universe, but they also pose potential threats to our planet. Understanding these celestial bodies is crucial for scientific discovery and planetary defence....

What is dark matter is made of? Arrakhis aims to find out

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Arrakhis: the tiny satellite aiming to reveal what dark matter is made of The European Space Agency (Esa) recently announced a new mission of its science programme: a small telescope orbiting the Earth dubbed Arrakhis. But although its name is inspired by the sci-fi novel Dune, it will not...