Top Engineering Videos – Brick Technology

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When it comes to engineering marvels and incredible creativity, Brick Technology stands out as one of the top YouTube creators in the space. Their unique LEGO Technic creations not only demonstrate the limitless possibilities of engineering and LEGO but also inspire viewers to explore their own imaginations. They...

RAEng Awards £700,000 to Boost Diversity and Inclusion in UK Engineering Departments

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The Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) is giving over £700,000 to eight UK university engineering departments, supporting projects that aim to improve diversity and inclusion for students. This funding will help underrepresented groups break down barriers in the engineering field. RAEng's Diversity Impact Programme These new awards are...

Dyson Foundation pledges £6m investment for Malmesbury Primary School STEAM center

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James Dyson Foundation has pledged £6m to Malmesbury Primary School in Wiltshire to fund a new educational centre for teaching STEAM on the condition that plans are approved and pupil numbers expanded. The Foundation has pledged a £6m investment to Malmesbury Primary School in Wiltshire to fund a...