Ikea sets sights on the UK for flat-pack housing

4 months ago — Quick Read

Worthing Council has agreed to work with IKEA's housing company BoKlok to develop new houses. A BoKlok house being constructed in Finland BoKlok is jointly owned by mega construction company...

Lego Braille bricks help visually impaired children learn

6 months ago — Long Read

Lego has revealed its newest line of building blocks - however, these are a bit a different. The new Braille-based design aims to help visually impaired children learn the language....

The Do’s and Don’ts of UK Drone Law

10 months ago — Long Read

Today Drones brought Gatwick to a halt but what are the existing rules in the UK for flying? Even though drones have rapidly increased in popularity the laws relating to...

UK Celebrates Low Emissions As Wind & Solar Become Second Biggest Electricity Source

2 years ago — Long Read

The UK Government has just released its energy figures for 2017; they show that the UK renewable energy market is continuing to boom. The stats for the last year show...

Winds of change: Britain now generates twice as much electricity from wind as coal

2 years ago — Deep Dive

Just six years ago, more than 40% of Britain’s electricity was generated by burning coal. Today, that figure is just 7%. Yet if the story of 2016 was the dramatic...

Queens Speech marks the start of the countdown to the UK’s first SPACEPORT

2 years ago — Quick Read

This week's Queen's speech introduced new legislation that (regardless of Brexit) could make the UK the go-to commercial spaceport in Europe.