SpaceX set world record for satellites launched

SpaceX set world record for satellites launched

5 months ago — Quick Read

SpaceX has set a new world record by launching 143 satellites on a single rocket!

#cubesat NASA’s ultra-thin built-in batteries set to free up valuable space on CubeSats

4 years ago — Long Read

"Space" is a valuable commodity when it comes to CubeSats! Engineers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center and the University of Miami have developed an ultra-thin, solid-state battery, which should allow...

#cubesat ISRO launch 104 Satellites to smash the world launch record

4 years ago — Long Read

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) created history today by launching a record 104 satellites into the earth’s lower orbit from the ISRO space centre at Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh -...

#cubesat Joint UK and Algeria CubeSat Mission beams back first color image

4 years ago — Long Read

The AlSat Nano, a CubeSat designed and built at the University of Surrey in just 18 months, has successfully captured and downloaded its first full-colour image. A major step forward...

#cubesat India set to launch 100+ satellites in a single mission

4 years ago — Quick Read

CubeSats have been a 'big' hit over the last few years - with nearly 564 launched before November last year. This coming February India is looking to smash the current...

#CubeSat CubeSat lifespans double as NanoRack repurposes ISS supply vehicle as launch platform

5 years ago — Long Read

The International Space Station (ISS) has been used as a launch platform for a whole range of CubeSats over the last year. But, what do you do if you want...