Costa Rica hits 100% renewable energy electricity supply and electricity export

2 weeks ago — Quick Read

Renewable Energy heavy-weight Costa Rica has reported a stellar May for its renewable energy output. The rugged, rainforested Central American country reported that for May 2019 it produced 99.99% of...

New tech harnesses energy by mixing freshwater and seawater

2 weeks ago — Long Read

Engineers at Stanford have created a new battery made from affordable and durable materials which can generate energy in places where salt and fresh waters mingle. The new tech could...

Solar Jobs – We look at the types of jobs created by the alternative energy industry

1 month ago — Quick Read

Do you find yourself wondering what kind of jobs the future holds? When you consider that fossil fuels have no future in energy, it can be a little scary to...

New carbon capture technique turns CO2 ‘back into coal’

6 months ago — Long Read

A team of Australia scientists have used a new technique to turn CO2 back into solid “coal”. The breakthrough method could potentially help remove existing greenhouse gas from our atmosphere....

Do Swiss roofs have the potential to produce over 80% of the country’s electricity?

7 months ago — Quick Read

Research that combines mapping data of Switzerland against weather information has revealed that the country could produce 50tWh of electricity (83% of the country’s annual consumption) if its roofs were...

MIT sets its sights on the future of fusion

7 months ago — Quick Read

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is looking to fast-track the development of practical fusion power.