Engineering Podcasts – Circuit Break

Engineering Podcasts – Circuit Break

Circuit Break is a podcast hosted by two electrical engineers, Parker Dillmann and Stephen Kraig. Each week, they explore various engineering topics.

The show is brought to you by MacroFab, a platform that provides electronics manufacturing services, hardware development, designing, and prototyping for individuals, startups, and businesses.

In each episode, Parker and Stephen discuss the latest tech innovations, break down industry news, and share their experiences with DIY projects. They also invite fellow engineers, makers, hackers, and business leaders to join the conversation, creating a dynamic space for discussing challenges in electrical engineering.

The hosts bring their unique backgrounds to the show. Parker has experience in Embedded System Design and Digital Signal Processing, while Stephen is passionate about manufacturing audio electronics and brewing beer. Together, they provide valuable insights and opinions on the decisions made by dev teams and the journey of technological advancements from lab to marketplace.

Circuit Break is an excellent resource for recent graduates and current students in electrical engineering, as it offers a glimpse into the job market and workplace expectation.


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