Top Engineering Videos –  Dan Gelbart

Top Engineering Videos – Dan Gelbart

Dan Gelbart Youtube channel is a little known Engineering gem on Youtube that has acquired a cult following among machinists.

Dan is best known for his 18 part video series on how to he uses and modifies his favourite shop tools which were posted in 2013 which is gave Dan a cult following among Machinists – however the channel is still updated and it is worth subscribing.

He made his fortune in research and development for his company CREO which he part-founded in 1983 before selling to Kodak in 2005 for $1.21-billion. Dan is probably the most wealthy YouTuber you will have ever come across.

What is fascinating is that the products that made CREO a success in the 80’s and 90’s were often prototyped in Dans basement workshop with tools that you could use in a local hackspace or University.

His short YouTube course is aimed at both students and researchers who might not specialise in fabrication. It outlines how to build things quickly with simple inexpensive equipment. The videos are not just charming but reveal years of experience, illuminating shortcuts and the true art of machining.

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