Engineering Infographics

TFL – Engineering Icons Tube Map

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Today, November 1st, marks National Engineering Day in the UK, a celebration recognizing the achievements and contributions of engineers across the country. One of our favourite things to come our of this years National Engineering Day has been Transport for London (TfL) partnership with the Royal Academy of...

Top Engineering Videos – Minute Physics

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If you have seen a Youtube video with whiteboard animation then you have probably seen a Minute Physics video. MinutePhysics was created by Henry Reich in 2011 and has since grown into a Youtube giant with 5.5 million followers. The whiteboard style they pioneered is now everywhere...

Infographic – Where Is Cyber Fido Headed Next?

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The definitive guide to the Evolution of Robotic Dogs Engineers have long sought to explore the potential for robots. There has been a long history of the development and creation of autonomous machines, mobile, and quadrupedal robots ( aka four-legged robotic dogs! ) have seen a significant boom...