Bloodhound gets brand new HQ, a new name and a new paint job

1 year ago — Quick Read

Born to Engineer favourite Bloodhound was saved from bankruptcy late last year by Ian Warhurst.

Sabre engine put through its paces

1 year ago — Long Read

Reaction Engine's Sabre engine - part jet, part rocket - is set to be put through its paces over the coming months. The hypersonic engine could potentially reduce the trip...

BLOODHOUND Project Saved

2 years ago — Quick Read

BLOODHOUND today announced that it had successfully sold its business and assets... allowing work on the rocket-powered car to continue.

Virgin Orbit set for Blast Off – Virgin awarded license for Aerial Satellite Launch

2 years ago — Quick Read

Virgin is betting its future space prospects on airborne launch and its spinoff Virgin Orbit has just been given a license for a first attempt!

How the World’s Tallest Rockets Stack Up

2 years ago — Quick Read

Ever struggled to visualize the sheer scale of SpaceX’s rockets? Visual Effects Youtuber 'Corridor Crew' have put together a video that shows off the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and BFR...

One Week to Go on our Lego Competion

2 years ago — Quick Read

We have less than one week to go until we close our NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO give-away. Some of our favourite Instagram Entries so far While the final entries...