Scotland only just missed its 100% clean electricity target this year

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Scotland just missed this year 100% clean electricity consumption by only 1.4%. Scotland is currently working to achieve an ambitious climate target of net-zero by 2045. 10 years ago it set its sight on 100% clean electricity consumption in 2020. That target was extremely ambitious but it almost...

Sweden in race to turn steel green

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Northern Sweden is seeing a race between two steel giants as they race to turn the technology green. H2 Green Steel has revealed plans for a €2.5 billion hydrogen-powered steel plant in Boden, Sweden. The firm is racing again steel giant Hybrit who is testing similar hydrogen steel...

This German town disconnected from grid, goes 100% renewable (for an hour)!

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Bordesholm, a small town in Schleswig-Holstein Germany, became a showcase for how communities could switch over to renewable energy for a few hours this week. Bordesholm wanted to demonstrate how it could use its existing renewable energy capacity reliably to go off-grid. To do this; the town pulled...