Orion capsule stacked on top of Artemis 1 as moon mission approaches

1 month ago — Long Read

The final preparations have started for Nasa’s Artemis launch - the first step of the US space agencies plan to return astronauts to moon. Artemis I will be the first...

Uncrewed flights to the Moon to start February 2022

1 month ago — Quick Read

US Space Agency NASA has announced plans for the start of uncrewed flights around the Moon in 2020. The plan will see the Orion capsule launched using NASA's Space Launch...

Four different ways you can enjoy a solar eclipse

6 months ago — Deep Dive

The kind of solar eclipses usually portrayed in films are total solar eclipses – a reasonably rare event. They’re likely what you think about when you hear the word eclipse....

Artemis: how ever changing US space policy may push back the next Moon landing

9 months ago — Deep Dive

Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan blasted off from the Taurus-Littrow valley on the Moon in their lunar module Challenger on December 14 1972. Five days later, they splashed down safely...

Chang’e-5 probe touches down on Moon

1 year ago — Quick Read

China's Chang’e 5 mission has successfully landed at Mons Rümker on the Moon.

Solid Rocket Moon Booster fired up for critical test

1 year ago — Quick Read

Today NASA, alongside engineering giant Northrop Grumman, celebrated after they successfully ignited a massive solid rocket booster in Utah. The two-minute test put the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) hardware through...