Are you part of the #1ofTheMillion?

2 years ago — Quick Read

WISE, the Campaign for gender balance in science, technology & engineering is celebrating that for the first time ever there are now more than 1 million women working in core...

8 Reasons Why More Women Should Consider Working in Skilled Trades

2 years ago — Long Read

Manual trade jobs have been around for years and years, however, some of the best-known trades in the UK are suffering from staff shortage. Part of the reason for this...

Mattel’s latest Barbie builds robots & teaches kids to code

4 years ago — Long Read

Mattel's latest Barbie has just gone on sale. The 'Barbie Career of the Year Robotics Engineer Doll' shows how the company is getting serious about science. The first Barbie went...

Doodles of scientists reveal changing gender stereotypes

4 years ago — Long Read

An experiment which asks children to draw a researcher has revealed how gender stereotypes are slowly changing over time. The study, from researchers at Northwestern University and published in the...

International Women’s Day is all about challenging stereotypes and bias

4 years ago — Long Read

This year International Women's Day is all about challenging stereotypes and bias with #PressforProgress.

Natural History Museum shares the inspiring stories of women in science and research

4 years ago — Long Read

The Natural History Museum is home to more than 300 scientists who spend their days inside collections, storeroom and labs at the Museum. For me science is all about problem...