Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers at The Big Bang Fair 2024

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The Big Bang Fair, the UK's largest celebration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for young people, is returning to Birmingham this summer. Organised by EngineeringUK, the event aims to showcase the wide range of careers available across STEM. From Wednesday, 19 to Friday, June 21st 2024,...

New Strategy Improves Accuracy of Snake-Inspired Robots for Complex Environments

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Slithering through rubble and debris, a robotic snake winds deep inside a collapsed building. Guided by algorithms and remote sensors, it deftly navigates tight spaces and shifting wreckage. Behind it, a rescue worker monitors the feed from its camera eyes, searching for trapped victims. Scenarios like this demonstrate...

Shape-Shifting Tetraflex: Revolutionizing Robotics for Extreme Environments

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In the evolving world of robotics, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory has introduced a significant innovation - the Tetraflex robot. This tetrahedral, shape-shifting robot is engineered to navigate through diverse obstacles. Tetraflex is not your standard robot. Its design blends soft and rigid components, allowing it to adapt to...