Bristol – Revolutionary Dual-Arm Robot Achieves Near-Human Dexterity Through AI

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In robotics, achieving human-like dexterity has always been a coveted milestone. Human hands' intricate movements, sensitivity, and adaptability have long been benchmarks, challenging roboticists worldwide. Today, we stand on the cusp of a significant breakthrough. A groundbreaking bimanual robot with two arms showcases tactile sensitivity that mirrors human-level...

Flexing New Muscles: The Advent of Ferroelectric Polymers in Robotics

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A team of international researchers led by Pennsylvania State University has developed a new type of ferroelectric polymer that could potentially be used as 'artificial muscles' in advanced robotics and medical devices. This innovative material can convert electrical energy into a mechanical strain more efficiently than previous methods,...

Pioneering the Future of Robotics: The CRADLE Centre Initiative

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In an ambitious move towards the future, engineering giant Jacobs and the University of Manchester have joined forces to establish a new international research centre. The Centre for Robotic Autonomy in Demanding and Long-lasting Environments (CRADLE) will develop innovative robotics and autonomous systems that will play a pivotal...