Top Engineering Videos – Everyday Dazz

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Everyday Dazz is the YouTube channel of Chartered Engineer Darren Wong in the UK. The channel, which has 13.4K subscribers and 109 videos at the time of writing, was started as a platform for the engineer, who studied for his MEng degree from Cardiff University, to share his...

Engineering Podcasts – Foundation for Science and Technology Podcast

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The FST Podcast is a product of the Foundation for Science and Technology, an organization established in 1977 that provides a neutral platform for debating policy issues with a science, research, technology, or innovation element. Each episode of the FST Podcast presents an in-depth discussion on a specific...

Engineering Podcasts – Being an Engineer with Aaron Moncur

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In the ever-evolving engineering world, staying updated and connected is not just a luxury but a necessity. For engineers, this is even more critical. The "Being an Engineer" podcast, hosted by Aaron Moncur, M.S., B.S., is a treasure trove of knowledge, insights, and inspiration that caters to this...