Nuclear fusion: how excited should we be?

5 months ago — Deep Dive

There’s been tremendous excitement about recent results from the Joint European Torus (JET) facility in the UK, hinting that the dream of nuclear fusion power is inching closer to reality....

Nuclear Energy – Major fusion breakthrough

6 months ago — Quick Read

A team of European Fusion Engineers have made a major breakthrough to create a working practical nuclear fusion reactor. JET laboratory - a UK-based lab - has broken its existing...

Have Chinese Scientists Discovered A Cheap New Way to Do Nuclear Fusion?

9 months ago — Quick Read

A team working on nuclear fusion in China claim to have discovered a more cost-effective method that relies on weaker laser beams.

Are we at the threshold of Nuclear Fusion Ignition?

12 months ago — Quick Read

A team of engineers working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California believe they are officially at the "Threshold of Nuclear Fusion Ignition" after passing a major milestone....

Sewer Robots! Is poor communication blocking their ability to keep our pipes clean

2 years ago — Deep Dive

An army of sewer robots could keep our pipes clean, but they'll need to learn to communicate Hidden from sight, under the UK’s roads, buildings and parks, lies about one...

This phone case actually makes your phone skinny.

2 years ago — Quick Read

Marc Teyssier and a team at Telecom Paris have pioneered a new artificial skin that promises to make phones feel a bit more ... human.