Born to Engineer talks about Engineering without borders with SMECs Andreas Neumaier

2 years ago — Long Read

Today we talk to Andreas Neumaier, Chief Technical Principal of Hydropower about why he decided on a career in hydro and dam engineering and how Engineers can make a real...

The Whaley Bridge dam collapse is a wake-up call

2 years ago — Long Read

Concrete infrastructure will not last forever without care

Solar panel heat waste captured to distil clean drinking water

2 years ago — Long Read

Engineers have come up with a simple concept that could change increase water security and battle climate change. This is what the system might look like. The team of Engineers...

A New Cheap 2D Material Can Remove 99.9999% of Bacteria From Water Using Only Sunlight

2 years ago — Quick Read

A new Material Science breakthrough from Engineers in China could bring cheap clean drinking water to people around the world. The team from Yangzhou University have developed a new water...

‘Simple engineering solutions can make a difference’ – Milly Hennayake is Born to Engineer

2 years ago — Quick Read

Milly Hennayake knew that simple engineering solutions can make a huge difference to the lives of others.

Solar-powered distillation unit to offer fresh water where wells run salty

3 years ago — Quick Read

Engineers have taken aim at the problem of water shortages in arid coastal areas.