Engineering Futures – Solar Power Stations in Space?

3 months ago — Quick Read

A solar power station in space? Here’s how it would work – and the benefits it could bring The UK government is reportedly considering a £16 billion proposal to build a...

Route Into Engineering – Milly Hennayake

5 months ago — Quick Read

We featured Civil Engineer Milly Hennayake and her work with Engineers Without Borders UK in 2019. Earlier this year we took some time out with Milly to discuss her route...

Solar panels – Recycling key to avoiding mountains of waste

7 months ago — Quick Read

Billions of solar panels globally will soon come to the end of their lives, but when they get thrown away essential materials that are needed to make future panels are...

Born to Engineer talks about Engineering without borders with SMECs Andreas Neumaier

3 years ago — Long Read

Today we talk to Andreas Neumaier, Chief Technical Principal of Hydropower about why he decided on a career in hydro and dam engineering and how Engineers can make a real...

The Whaley Bridge dam collapse is a wake-up call

3 years ago — Long Read

Concrete infrastructure will not last forever without care

Solar panel heat waste captured to distil clean drinking water

3 years ago — Long Read

Engineers have come up with a simple concept that could change increase water security and battle climate change. This is what the system might look like. The team of Engineers...