The Whaley Bridge dam collapse is a wake-up call

3 months ago — Long Read

Concrete infrastructure will not last forever without care

Solar panel heat waste captured to distil clean drinking water

4 months ago — Long Read

Engineers have come up with a simple concept that could change increase water security and battle climate change. This is what the system might look like. The team of Engineers...

A New Cheap 2D Material Can Remove 99.9999% of Bacteria From Water Using Only Sunlight

9 months ago — Quick Read

A new Material Science breakthrough from Engineers in China could bring cheap clean drinking water to people around the world. The team from Yangzhou University have developed a new water...

‘Simple engineering solutions can make a difference’ – Milly Hennayake is Born to Engineer

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Milly Hennayake knew that simple engineering solutions can make a huge difference to the lives of others.

Solar-powered distillation unit to offer fresh water where wells run salty

1 year ago — Quick Read

Engineers have taken aim at the problem of water shortages in arid coastal areas.

How is Engineering Providing Solutions for Clean Water?

2 years ago — Quick Read

According to 2016 research by the Water Research Foundation, the average household uses over 300 gallons of water every day, with indoor water usage accounting for about 70 per cent...