Engineering History – The heartbreaking story of the flying mathematicians of World War I

3 months ago — 12 min read

Keith Lucas was killed instantly when his BE2 biplane collided with that of a colleague over Salisbury Plain on October 5, 1916. As a captain in the Royal Flying Corps,...

Queens Speech marks the start of the countdown to the UK’s first SPACEPORT

5 months ago — 1 min read

This week's Queen's speech introduced new legislation that (regardless of Brexit) could make the UK the go-to commercial spaceport in Europe.

SpaceX Preps Next “Used Rocket” for Launch

5 months ago — 0 min read

SpaceX is preparing to launch a used Falcon 9 rocket for the second time ever next month. The 'pre-flown' Falcon 9 first stage booster was rolled into a hangar at...

Must Watch – World’s largest plane (by wingspan) rolls out of hanger

6 months ago — 1 min read

Watch as for the first time - Stratolaunch Systems Corp - moved the Stratolaunch aircraft out of the hangar to conduct aircraft fueling tests.

“Wiltshire’s Iron Man” demo’s flying suit on the shores of Vancouver harbour

6 months ago — 0.5 min read

British inventor Richard Browning - dubbed “Wiltshire’s Iron Man” - has successfully showcased his personal flight suit at Vancouver harbour. Browning lifted off from the shore of Vancouver Harbor last...

SpaceX achieve total mission success launching its heaviest geostationary orbital payload yet

6 months ago — 0.5 min read

A Falcon-9 rocket has successfully launched SpaceX heaviest geostationary orbital payload yet. The rocket blasted a 6070kg (13,380 lb) Inmarsat communication satellite into orbit from Florida's Kennedy Space Center at...