Arkwright Scholar wins Aerospace Challenge.

11 months ago — Long Read

We were thrilled to hear about our ERA Arkright Scholar - Mridhula - winning last years Schools’ Aerospace Challenge. The ‘Born to Engineer’ campaign covers all outreach work by the...

SpaceX set world record for satellites launched

12 months ago — Quick Read

SpaceX has set a new world record by launching 143 satellites on a single rocket!

Solid Rocket Moon Booster fired up for critical test

1 year ago — Quick Read

Today NASA, alongside engineering giant Northrop Grumman, celebrated after they successfully ignited a massive solid rocket booster in Utah. The two-minute test put the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) hardware through...

Romanian Engineer Creates Flying Saucer

2 years ago — Long Read

A Romanian engineer has created a working flying saucer. Seriously. Razvan Sabie, inventor of the ADIFO (All-DIrectional Flying Object) says his flying machine is designed "to change the actual paradigm...

Sabre engine put through its paces

3 years ago — Long Read

Reaction Engine's Sabre engine - part jet, part rocket - is set to be put through its paces over the coming months. The hypersonic engine could potentially reduce the trip...

An Ion drive space engine has been used on aircraft for first time!

3 years ago — Long Read

Imagine an aircraft engine that has no moving parts, produces no harmful exhaust and makes no noise. That’s what researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US...