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New Engineering Apprenticeship opportunities in Wales

5 days ago — Quick Read

Three new engineering apprenticeships are being offered in Wales by UK company SAS International. The British manufacturer of metal ceilings and bespoke architectural metalwork is responsible for work in a...

US proposes ‘deep space radar’ in Britain

1 week ago — Quick Read

The United States is in talks to locate a new giant new radar system in the UK. The station would form part of a global system to identify and track...

Prospero – Challenge to Find the 1st and Only UK Spacecraft

2 weeks ago — Long Read

Skyrora has launched 'Finding Prospero' - a challenge to find and retrieve the 1st and only UK Spacecraft The first, and only, British satellite launched by a British rocket 50...

Major funding announced to avert an antibiotics apocalypse

1 month ago — Quick Read

The Universities of Oxford, Ulster and UCL have announced a cross-disciplinary team to tackle the growing challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). The team, funded by EPSRC and the UK Research...

Infographic – How is NASA assembling its huge SLS rocket?

1 month ago — Long Read

In the next few days NASA will finalise the first assembly of its huge SLS rocket. The rocket is part of the Artemis mission to take humans back to the...

China touches down on Mars for first time

2 months ago — Quick Read

State media have announced China has ‘spectacularly conquered’ a new milestone - joining NASAs' Perseverance rover that landed in February - on the red planet.