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CRAETIF launches Coding Competition

4 days ago — Quick Read

Tech blogger Emma Onah, who writes at CRAETIF, is hosting a unique Coding Competition which requires NO CODING EXPERIENCE. The challenge is to come up with an engaging and creative...

Could this Bionic Eye Be Better Than a Real One?

1 week ago — Quick Read

A new artificial eye has been created which incorporates densely packed, nanometre-scale light sensors into a hemispherical retina-like component ... just like its real-world biological counterpart. The team, from Hong...

What is rockets were transparent?

1 week ago — Quick Read

A new youtube video gives us a sneak peek on what actually happens when a rocket lifts off.

Homeschool Resources – University of Bath ‘Taster talks’

2 weeks ago — Quick Read

The University of Bath last year launched a series of Engineering Taster talks. From ancient architectural concepts to the electronics of the future. The five talks are each under five...

Blind people could ‘see’ letters drawn on their brains with electricity

2 weeks ago — Quick Read

A team of scientists stimulated the brain using electrodes implanted on its surface coaxing their brains to see letters that weren't there. The team behind the research sent patterns of...

Meet the Engineer Who Published Scientific Papers Using His Own Lego Microscope

2 weeks ago — Quick Read

Engineer Yuksel Temiz got so fed up with the limitations of expensive microscopes that he built his own... out Lego. Futurism interviewed Engineer Yuksel Temiz about his job photographing extremely...