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The Beagle 2 Mission: A Chronicle of Triumph, Tragedy, and Tenacity in Space Exploration

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20 years ago today, the Beagle 2 Lander was launched into space on the back of the European Space Agency's (ESA) Mars Express The Beagle 2 mission was one of the most ambitious space exploration missions in recent memory, aiming to uncover the mysteries of Mars and find...

Equipmake Unveils Power-Dense, Ultra-Lightweight Electric Motor Revolutionizing Space, Aerospace, and Marine Applications

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Equipmake, an innovative leader in the electromotive industry, has revealed its latest feat of engineering brilliance - the High-Performance Motor (HPM) 400. The new motor is ultra-lightweight and stands as the most power-dense motor globally. The advent of the HPM 400 could revolutionize the electric vehicle sector, particularly...

Pioneering the Future of Robotics: The CRADLE Centre Initiative

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In an ambitious move towards the future, engineering giant Jacobs and the University of Manchester have joined forces to establish a new international research centre. The Centre for Robotic Autonomy in Demanding and Long-lasting Environments (CRADLE) will develop innovative robotics and autonomous systems that will play a pivotal...