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Infographic – Where Is Cyber Fido Headed Next?

2 days ago — Quick Read

The definitive guide to the Evolution of Robotic Dogs Engineers have long sought to explore the potential for robots. There has been a long history of the development and creation...

Route Into Engineering – Nina Parsons

1 week ago — Quick Read

‘Born to Engineer – Nina Parsons’ was the eighth film in our Born to Engineer series - back then she was heading for a career in Formula 1. We caught...

Route Into Engineering – Mathew Holloway – Innovation Design Engineer

2 weeks ago — Quick Read

We featured Mathew Holloway and his climate busting Q-Bot back in 2016.

New UWE Engineering building designed to include everyone

2 months ago — Quick Read

The University of the West of England (UWE) has unveiled a new Engineering building that has been "designed with input from students with autism" according to a feature by the...

Engineering Podcasts – Curiosity Daily

2 months ago — Quick Read

The Curiosity Daily podcast aims to help you get smarter about the world around you — every day. The podcast is always less than 10 minutes and while not strictly...

Route Into Engineering – Yusuf Muhammad – Engineer And Designer

2 months ago — Quick Read

We featured Yusuf Muhammad abnd his revolutionary new household fire-safety device in one of our first Born to Engineer videos.