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Engineering In Focus – The Ultimate Career Guide for Battery Management System Engineer

1 week ago — Long Read

With the unending transformation of battery technology, new opportunities are emerging for beginners to learn about battery management systems. The course offers learners a guide to the battery management system...

Perseverance Rover Sends Sneak Peek of Mars Landing

2 weeks ago — Long Read

On Feb. 18, 2021 - as NASA's Mars Perseverance rover made its final descent to the Red Planet - the six-wheeled robot’s beamed a steady stream of data back to...

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering illuminates the work of LED pioneers

3 weeks ago — Quick Read

The 2021 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has gone to five pioneers of LED technology.

Engineering in Focus – Sheet Metal and its role in Machining

1 month ago — Long Read

Sheet metal is used in a huge number of industries - from automobile and truck (lorry) bodies, aeroplane fuselages and wings, medical tables, to the roofs for buildings - but...

Virgin rocket carries satellites to orbit

1 month ago — Quick Read

Virgin Orbit - not be confused with Virgin Galactic, Virgin's space tourism venture - has succeeded in putting its first satellites in space.

Starlink satellite internet service rolls out beta kits across the UK

2 months ago — Quick Read

Great news for those suffering from spotty internet in rural locations. The Starlink satellite internet service has now been approved by Ofcom. Starlink is part of SpaceX and is aiming...