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Engineering Students improve manual washing machine

1 week ago — Quick Read

Engineering students from the University of Bristol have improved the manual washing machine design from the Washing Machine Project. The Washing Machine project aims to give simple, easy to assemble...

Top Engineering Videos – RiverTechJess

3 weeks ago — Quick Read

Jessica Droujko is an ex-aerospace turned conservation engineer. Her channel shares her love for of science and planet and encourages other young scientists and students to stand up for what...

Solar panels a ‘requirement’ on all new EU buildings

1 month ago — Quick Read

Solar panels are set to become mandatory be on all Europe's new public, commercial buildings, and residential buildings buildings. The European Union wants to boost the rollout of solar energy...

Super Teachers Cath Milne and Rebecca Lofthouse awarded 2022 Clark Prize

1 month ago — Quick Read

This years David Clark Prize has been awarded to Cath Milne and Rebecca Lofthouse at this years annual ERA Foundation Dinner. The David Clark prize is awarded to a teacher...

Top Engineering Videos – Real Engineering

2 months ago — Quick Read

Real Engineering is run by Irish YouTuber Brian James McManus and focuses on videos about engineering and technology.

Top Engineering Videos – Draw Curiosity

2 months ago — Quick Read

Draw Curiosity focuses on interesting science and language facts.