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Watch NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Attempt to Capture a Sample of Asteroid Bennu

1 month ago — Quick Read

Tonight (Tuesday 20th October) will see NASA attempt to set its' OSIRIS-REx spacecraft down to the surface of Bennu.

Engineering in Focus – Pavement Engineering

1 month ago — Long Read

Your Career Guide to Pavement Engineering Pavement engineering is a civil engineering component that utilizes engineering techniques to create and maintain rigid and flexible pavements. The pavements  may include highways...

Engineering Podcasts – Cliff Notes Podcast

2 months ago — Quick Read

The Cliff Notes Podcast focuses on industrial business. Each episode Tristan Bailey speaks to people who work hard around the shop floor to share the cliff notes on what helped...

Paramedics could reach patients in minutes thanks to Jet Suit

2 months ago — Quick Read

Gravity Industries has teamed up with The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) to develop a 1050 brake horsepower Jet Suit just for paramedics

Meet the German Space Agency Crazy Modular Vehicle Prototype

2 months ago — Quick Read

Is it a shuttle, is it a bus, is it a cargo van. No. It's all of these things? The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has come with a new futuristic...

Avanguardia – The Swan Shaped Super Yacht

3 months ago — Long Read

Lazzarini Design Studio have revealed a bonkers new 'swan' Mega Yacht concept with a rather nifty detachable head. While we wouldn't normally feature a yatch concept; the 450-foot mega-yacht Avanguardia...