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Engineering Podcasts – The Lovelace Effect

1 week ago — Quick Read

Okay - full disclosure - this isn't a full podcast but an episode of the excellent 'Chips with Everything podcast' from the Guardian.

French Engineers help paralysed man to walk again with brain implants

2 weeks ago — Long Read

Brain implants have allowed a tetraplegic patient to control a whole-body exoskeleton with brain signals.

Household appliances will become easier to repair thanks to EU ‘right to repair’ rules

2 weeks ago — Long Read

Household appliances, like washing machines and tumble dryers, are set to become easier to repair thanks to new standards which are being adopted across the European Union. The rules, which...

MakeUK ‘Makers Meet’ brings Manufacturing into the twenty first century.

3 weeks ago — Quick Read

MakeUK, the largest trade body for manufacturing in the UK, has announced its first major event aimed at 16-to-24 year-olds. Makers Meet will take place in Birmingham on October 12 and...

Engineering Podcasts – Women Tech Charge

3 weeks ago — Quick Read

THE Evening Standard's just kicked off a brand new podcast about women in tech. Women Tech Charge is hosted by Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, the CEO of, and takes a...

Engineering Questions – what makes supercharged racing yachts go so fast?

4 weeks ago — Quick Read

Sailing used to be considered as a rather sedate pastime. But in the past few years, the world of yacht racing has been revolutionised by the arrival of hydrofoil-supported catamarans,...