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Robotic assistant performs 668 lab experiments in 8 days

17 mins ago — Quick Read

A team of Engineers have developed a breakthrough robotic lab assistant. The new machine is able to move around a lab semi-autonomously and conduct a range of scientific experiments. However,...

World first – A.I. ‘Actress’ Cast lands Lead in $70M Sci-Fi Film

2 weeks ago — Quick Read

A $70 million science fiction film has cast Erica, an AI robot, in new sci-fi film 'b.'

NASA’s Mars Helicopter all set for Next Red Planet Mission

2 weeks ago — Long Read

Ingenuity, a small, autonomous rotorcraft, is set to travel with the American agency’s latest Mars mission scheduled to blast off later this month. A recent article in the New York...

The University of York launch free online Nuclear Masterclass for Year 11, 12 and 13 students

1 month ago — Quick Read

The University of York and leading experts from all over the world have put together a free online Nuclear Masterclass designed to keep Year 11,12 and 13 students busy over...

Worlds Biggest Solar Panel Maker Quietly Doubles Capacity With New Plant

1 month ago — Quick Read

The worlds largest solar panel maker has quietly set out plans to double its capacity. You probably have not heard of JinkoSolar Holding Co? JinkoSolar is the world’s largest solar...

CRAETIF launches Coding Competition

1 month ago — Quick Read

Tech blogger Emma Onah, who writes at CRAETIF, is hosting a unique Coding Competition which requires NO CODING EXPERIENCE. The challenge is to come up with an engaging and creative...