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8 Reasons Why More Women Should Consider Working in Skilled Trades

1 hour ago — Long Read

Manual trade jobs have been around for years and years, however, some of the best-known trades in the UK are suffering from staff shortage. Part of the reason for this...

New Horizons flyby starts to delivers results

5 days ago — Quick Read

Why the most distant object ever visited looks like a snowman – flyby delivers results Just over a year ago, courtesy of NASA’s New Horizons mission, we were treated to...

Boston Dynamics “Spot” heading to sea

6 days ago — Quick Read

Boston Dynamics four-legged robot 'Spot' has scored a new job; patrolling an oil rig in the Skarv field in the Norwegian Sea

AI can help spot when correlation does mean causation

2 weeks ago — Long Read

New Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech has been developed that can merge overlapping and incomplete medical datasets to determine which variables are causative. How artificial intelligence tackles establishing causation from correlation...

New Arctic station set to swap diesel for sun, wind, and hydrogen

3 weeks ago — Long Read

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) has initiated a project to boost Russia's green credentials in the arctic.

Engineering Podcasts – The Structural Engineering Podcast

3 weeks ago — Quick Read

The Structural Engineering Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast of everything structures. From hammers to high-rises, they have got it nailed. The podcast is presented by Max Loeb and Zach Bowden....