#Artificial Intelligence

Five emerging trends that could change our lives online

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The way we live our lives online is rapidly changing. Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and innovations such as blockchain – a kind of digital record for transactions — are set to transform the online world, affecting everything from social media to how people and businesses make money...

Ready, Set, Race: Join the Indy Autonomous Challenge and Experience the Excitement of High-Speed Automation!

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This weekend will see the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) returns to CES - a competition that represents a giant leap in the world of automation and high-speed racing. The IAC will take place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday, January 7th, with a focus on breaking...

9 engineering trends to watch in 2023

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Engineering is an ever-evolving field, and with the dawn of a new year comes new trends in the engineering world. It's never too early to look into emerging trends that have the potential to shape the engineering industry this upcoming year! With so much technology making leaps and...