Meet the world first 3D-Printed Soft Mesh Robots

4 months ago — 1 min read

Engineers from North Carolina State University have created the tech that could one day to lead to robots that can contract, reshape and grab small objects.

UK invests in army of tiny Robots to (one-day) eliminate Road Work

5 months ago — 1 min read

The UK is set to invest £26.6 million in build microrobots. These tiny robotic critters will help repair the UK’s vast underground pipe network. Typically these types of roadworks are...

AI robot trained to follow German astronaut heading to ISS

11 months ago — 1 min read

The latest addition to the crew of the ISS is a little different. Cimon (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) is a ball-shaped robot with a face is drawn on a screen....

Agility Robotics takes next step to develop walking robots

1 year ago — 0.5 min read

The creator of the Cassie bipedal robot - Agility Robotics - has just completed its Series A funding which will allow it to continue its development of walking robots technology....

Inexpensive Soft Robot “Muscle” Can Lift 200 Times Its Own Weight

1 year ago — 1 min read

Recently Engineers have been designing robots using soft materials that more closely resemble biological systems. However, a team from the University of Colorado Boulder have proven this doesn't need to...

Meet the robot that swims like a manta ray

1 year ago — 1 min read

Engineers have created an aquatic robot called MantaDroid which swims like manta rays.