Jaguar I-Pace Batteries: Old batteries given new life as Renewable Energy Storage

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Innovative solutions are critical in an era where sustainability and renewable energy are at the forefront of global discussions. This week, a new groundbreaking initiative came from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). Recognising the potential of repurposed electric vehicle batteries, JLR has embarked on a mission to breathe a...

Fungus Revolutionizes Fireproofing: A Sustainable Solution for Building Cladding

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In a groundbreaking development, researchers have discovered a sustainable method to fireproof buildings using fungi. The team at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has developed mycelium panels, a network of fungal strands that can thrive on organic waste and in darkness. The mycelium sheets are created by chemically...

Golden Motorsports Triumphs in F1 in Schools UK National Finals

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In the heart of The Edge, the University of Leeds' state-of-the-art sports and wellness facility, the Lenovo F1 in Schools UK National Finals 2023 concluded last weekend. The F1 in Schools UK National Finals 2023 marks the end of a contest that has nurtured young minds in Science,...