Engineers Rank Among Britain’s Most Trusted Professions in Ipsos Poll

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Engineers have once again placed among the most trusted professions in Great Britain, coming in 4th in the 2023 Ipsos Veracity Index poll behind only nurses, airline pilots and librarians. The long-running annual survey on public trust found that 85% of Brits believe engineers are truthful and on...

Space Elevator Design Wins Prestigious Innovation Award, Envisioning Future of Space Travel

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Space elevators have long captured the imagination of scientists and science fiction writers alike for their potential to revolutionize space travel. Rather than using expensive, single-use rockets to escape Earth's gravity, space elevators would transport payloads and even human passengers using cables anchored to the ground and extending...

UCLA Engineers Unveil High-Speed Solid-State Thermal Transistor for Advanced Heat Control

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UCLA engineers have unveiled a novel solid-state thermal transistor capable of rapidly switching heat flows on and off using an electric field—a long-sought innovation that could usher in a new era of advanced heat management technologies. The research team's room-temperature thermal transistor demonstrated record-high speeds, switching cycles, and...