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The Beagle 2 Mission: A Chronicle of Triumph, Tragedy, and Tenacity in Space Exploration

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20 years ago today, the Beagle 2 Lander was launched into space on the back of the European Space Agency's (ESA) Mars Express The Beagle 2 mission was one of the most ambitious space exploration missions in recent memory, aiming to uncover the mysteries of Mars and find...

Rocket Tour 2023: Igniting the Future of Space Exploration

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The UK Space Agency is set to launch the 'Space for Everyone' tour, an event that aims to showcase the role of space in improving life on Earth and highlight the diverse career paths open to young people looking to enter this fast-growing industry. The tour starts in...

The Future of Satellites: A Wooden Revolution

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In the realm of space exploration, innovation is the key to progress. As we continue pushing the boundaries of technology and knowledge, we constantly seek new materials and methods to improve our space-bound devices' efficiency, sustainability, and durability. One such innovation that has recently come to light is...