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Perseverance Mars rover: how to prove whether there’s life on the red planet

2 weeks ago — Deep Dive

We’ll soon be able to properly start asking the question: “Are we alone in the universe?” Nasa’s next major mission, the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, will land on the surface...

Chang’e-5 probe touches down on Moon

3 months ago — Quick Read

China's Chang’e 5 mission has successfully landed at Mons Rümker on the Moon.

New study springs a surprise – Venus really could harbour life!

6 months ago — Quick Read

Earth’s sister planet, Venus, has not been regarded as a high priority in the search for life. Its surface temperature of around 450°C is thought to be hostile to even...

Solar scientist Lucie Green launches kids Summer of STEM challenge

7 months ago — Long Read

Space scientist and broadcaster, Professor Lucie Green has teamed up with Born to Engineer favourite STEM Learning to launch a range of science, technology, engineering and maths challenges to keep...

Why are there so many Mars Missions blasting off this year?

7 months ago — Deep Dive

Mars 2020: the hunt for life on the red planet is about to get serious Illustration of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech Next spring is going to be a...

Everything you need to know about the UAE Mars mission

7 months ago — Quick Read

UAE Mars mission: extraordinary feat shows how space exploration can benefit small nations The United Arab Emirates (UAE) successfully launched its Mars mission dubbed “Al Amal”, or “Hope”, from the...