Engineering Space

NASA Eyes Far Side of Moon for Giant Radio Telescope

25 mins ago — Quick Read

NASA believes that a radio telescope on the far side of the Moon might be perfect for alien hunting. NASA has announced it is funding research for a giant radio...

NASA successfully deploys the James Webb Telescope’s HUGE mirror

1 week ago — Quick Read

The successor to Hubble - NASA's James Webb Space Telescope - has been successfully tested for the very first time.

Did Earth’s just get a new ‘moon’?

1 month ago — Quick Read

Earth's got a new 'moon' – here's what to expect The Earth currently has two moons - but they won’t look like this in the sky. Author provided The Minor...

Space Milestone to look forward to this year

3 months ago — Deep Dive

Space missions to look forward to in 2020 Last year was an excellent year for space exploration, with the icing on the Christmas cake the first ever image acquired of...

Life on Mars? Europe commits to groundbreaking mission to bring back rocks to Earth

4 months ago — Deep Dive

It will be one of the most daunting, complicated and, potentially, scientifically rewarding missions ever undertaken to the red planet. Ministers at a recent meeting of the European Space Agency...

New type of star system? Mysterious radio signal puzzles astronomers

4 months ago — Deep Dive

After observing a part of the sky near the Southern Constellation of Ara for about two months using MeerKAT, a radio telescope based in the Karoo desert in South Africa,...