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Nasa begins process of focusing James Webb space telescope

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Nasa has kicked off its months-long process of focusing the James Webb space telescope. The revolutionary new scope is a an international collaboration led by NASA in partnership with the European and Canadian space agencies. Once up and running the scope will provide a glimpse of the universe...

AI can reliably spot molecules on exoplanets – and might one day even discover new laws of physics

Deep Dive

Do you know what the Earth’s atmosphere is made of? You’d probably remember it’s oxygen, and maybe nitrogen. And with a little help from Google you can easily reach a more precise answer: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% argon gas. However, when it comes to the composition...

Hydrogen fuel cells allowing data centers rethink of how they use electrical systems

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US tech giant Microsoft has begun experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells as a replacement for traditional diesel backup in its data centres. Microsoft hopes that the development of hydrogen fuel-cell tech as a replacement for diesel backup will enable data centre to rework existing electrical systems. The idea...