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Amazing Photos of SpaceX’s Starship Stacked for Launch Ahead of First-Ever Orbital Test Flight

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SpaceX's Starship vehicle is a sight to behold in the latest photos released on Twitter. The fully stacked stainless-steel rocket stands tall at the Starbase facility in South Texas ahead of its first-ever orbital test flight. The rocket's upper-stage prototype, Ship 24, was stacked atop the first-stage booster,...

New video shows SN8 Starship prototype “Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly” in incredible detail

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This week SpaceX’s SN8 Starship prototype test ended in a gigantic fireball after making a slightly harder-than-anticipated landing. However, the prototype spacecraft did perform well up to that point. The craft soared up to 12.5 kilometers before coming down to Earth in a tightly controlled descent (right...

Tesla Unveils Prototype Ventilator

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Tesla has unveiled its latest Prototype Ventilator which is made from Model 3 parts. US Electric car company Tesla has been showing off its working prototype of a ventilator this week. The company, who published a youtube video over the weekend, and says its latest device can...