Letting Bloodhound Off The Leash – date set for Bloodhound High Speed Test programme

2 months ago — Long Read

The Bloodhound LSR team are now set to conduct their first full test run at Hakskeen Pan track in South Africa in Autumn 2019 The team behind the supersonic car...

Volkswagen Can Now Convert Your Classic Beetle to Electric

3 months ago — Quick Read

This week Volkswagen has announced they have created a complete electric drive conversion kit which can transform a classic petrol-powered Beetle into a proper electric car. This is great news...

World’s Top Engineering Students Gather for Formula Hybrid Competition

7 months ago — Long Read

Hundreds of the world’s top engineering students are preparing for one-of-a-kind Formula Hybrid Competition next week organised by Dartmouth University in the USA. Teams are set to put to the...

Bloodhound gets brand new HQ, a new name and a new paint job

8 months ago — Quick Read

Born to Engineer favourite Bloodhound was saved from bankruptcy late last year by Ian Warhurst.

Virgin wants to turn its Green Broadband Cabinets into EV Charging Points

10 months ago — Quick Read

As Electric Vehicles sales boom there is going to be no such thing as too many charging points on UK streets. Currently charging an Electric Vehicle (EV) can take anywhere...

Solar-powered car breaks efficiency world record

12 months ago — Long Read

A team of Engineers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have crushed the solar-powered car efficiency record. Advances in photovoltaic tech have leapt forward in the last decade....