Route Into Engineering – Minal Patel Career

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We featured Engineer Minal Patel in our Engineering Careers roundtable. Our roundtable featured a frank discussion from superstar engineers, Mimi-Isabella, Ebony and Minal where they discussed everything from working in McDonalds to diversity and money. We caught up with Minal to discuss her personal journey into Engineering....

Route Into Engineering – John Wheal

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We featured Systems Engineer John Wheal in one of our first Born to Engineer videos. John is a systems engineer with NATS, the UK's leading supplier of air traffic control services. He's part of a team designing and building the next generation of air traffic control systems....

Route Into Engineering – Professor Eleanor Stride

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We featured Engineer Professor Eleanor Stride in one of our first Born to Engineer videos. Dr Eleanor Stride is a biomedical engineer working at Oxford University to develop revolutionary new methods for delivering chemotherapy drugs. Eleanor works to create and control micro-bubbles which can be injected into...