#Engineering Podcasts

Engineering Podcasts – Engineering IRL

2 months ago — Quick Read

Each week Engineering IRL takes Engineering Concepts, breaks them down and then see in what ways they can be applied to real life. Which explains the name Engineering IRL... The...

Engineering Podcasts – The Engineering Student Experience Podcast

2 months ago — Quick Read

A brand new podcast - The Engineers Collective - explores a range of topics relevant to current and future engineering students through conversations with practising engineers, engineering staff, and engineering...

Engineering Podcasts – The Lovelace Effect

4 months ago — Quick Read

Okay - full disclosure - this isn't a full podcast but an episode of the excellent 'Chips with Everything podcast' from the Guardian.

Engineering Podcasts – Women Tech Charge

4 months ago — Quick Read

THE Evening Standard's just kicked off a brand new podcast about women in tech. Women Tech Charge is hosted by Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, the CEO of stemettes.org, and takes a...

Engineering Podcasts – To the moon and beyond

6 months ago — Long Read

Marking 50 years since the first moon landing, To the moon and beyond is a five-part podcast series from The Conversation. Through interviews with academic experts around the world –...

Engineering Podcasts – Soft Skills Engineering

6 months ago — Quick Read

It takes more than doing your job well to be a great engineer. This is a solid favourite at looking at all those skills you need to be a great...